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My name is Ioana Cirstea

I am a registered psychologist with the Belgian Commission of Psychologists.

I strive to encourage with a caring, compassionate, understanding and supportive attitude the people I help. I want you to feel safe and comfortable enough to discuss all of your important issues.

My goal is to help you discover and mobilize your hidden strengths while affirming your ability to grow through each step of the counseling process. I am especially dedicated to helping you resolve problems and pain as quickly as possible through the latest advances in the field of therapy and personal growth. I use practical tools to help you reduce your pain, overcome your difficulties, live according to what is important to you. …

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Happy Clients About Me


"In her very calm and professional way, Ioana has helped me walk through specific thought processes and emotional states whilst ..."


Christine, Belgium

"When I first contacted Ioana, I was feeling sad, confused, without knowing what path to take in life. After a few sessions, she helped me figuring out what I needed to do to live a meaningful life ..."


Wim, Holland

"Il y a un peu plus d’un an je suis venue vers Ioana, car il était de plus en plus difficile pour moi d’aller travailler. Mon ex-patronne était une manipulatrice et elle me voyait en tant que rivale..."


Wendy, Belgique

"Je suis allée voir Ioana à un moment de ma vie ou je me posais beaucoup de questions. Ma vie sentimentale était au plus bas après une rupture importante et ma vie professionnelle stagnait..."


Marie, France

"Ioana est vraiment une super coach. Elle m’a beaucoup aidé à comprendre l’origine de mes blocages et elle m’a permis de trouver et de développer mes points forts..."


Sandra, Bruxelles

"Ioana a un grand sens de l'écoute et de l'analyse des situations qui lui sont exposées, et ne pratique pas la langue de bois..."


Marie-Lou, Bruxelles

"Avant de commencer j'étais un peu sceptique. Ma première expérience ailleurs avait été complètement décevante. J'avais eu l'impression de parler à un mur..."


Maria Dolores, Espagne

"Ioana just oozes positive energy: she is empathetic without being overbearing, she asks the right questions without being intrusive..."


Laura, Brussels