Private life
Private life

My interventions cover topics such as:

Handling traumatic experiences, such as accidents or aggression (using EMDR), anxiety, emotions which are out of control, intrusive thoughts, difficult relationships, transitions, procrastination, feeling unhappy or unsatisfied with your life and much more.

Have you ever had someone sit down with you and take the time, like a few hours, to really listen to you and understand everything about you, such as:

  • What is it important to you?
  • Where are you heading in life?
  • What are your private and professional challenges?
  • How to improve your quality of life?
  • How to overcome obstacles, reduce fear and feel good about yourself and others?

And this person is really alligned with you, in your corner, to encourage you and ready to take you to the next level in any area. Have you ever had that happening for you? As a psychologist and coach, I can do this journey with you.

With the help of coaching, you can achieve the outcomes you are looking for faster and more effortlessly. Coaching clients report great levels of confidence, self esteem, passion for life, enhanced relationships and a far more focused approach to their life.